Monday, November 14, 2011

the nativity fast begins tomorrow!!!

Just in case you needed a reminder.

We were a bit distracted from our preparations though.... this little guy was baptized yesterday.
And since I'm sure you all had your own reasons to be distracted this last week, let me remind you of the different ideas we have on this blog...right on the sidebar...under the nativity fast link.  Or, you could just click this.

As I said, we are a bit behind.  But I will get started on that advent chain today!  The wreath probably won't materialize till later.

And just so you know, making traditions in your home takes time.

Don't expect to perfect it all in one year.

Some things will work.  Some won't.

During these early years, feel free to experiment and find out what works for your family.  It might take a few years to figure that out.

We're still in the process. And this blog started four years ago.

Just sayin.'

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sara said...

Many years to your little one! Thank you for the blog. :)