Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kicking off the Advent Season!!!

Happy Advent, everyone!

If you haven't already constructed your paper chain, here are the color layouts for this year:
Week 1: 6 green strips
Week 2: 7 blue strips
Week 3: 7 yellow (gold) strips
Week 4: 7 white strips
Week 5: 7 purple strips
Week 6: 6 red strips

Do the Sunday reading* on the Sunday following each color week with the "red" reading being on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

This past week a World Vision catalog came in the mail and the kids were very excited about the idea of giving an animal to a suffering family.  They decided they wanted that to be their gift to Jesus this year.   However, instead of Pa and I just writing a check, the kids are working to earn money to pay for their gifts.  What birthday gift are your kids/family giving to Jesus this year??

* (see the Nativity Fast section for more information on the weekly color schemes)

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Katie Jones said...

I have a pretty cool advent project that is almost finished. I've been taking pictures, so I will post as soon as I get the chance :)