Monday, November 29, 2010

Santa Lucia Paper Dolls

For any of you who will be celebrating Santa Lucia on December 13th, here is a link to some paper dolls I found online.  A great gift idea for all the little girls in your family!

For ideas of how to celebrate St. Lucy, look here.  It is a very fun tradition that our family enjoys celebrating each Advent season.


Michelle M. said...

I am not seeing the link. Can you try linking it again? Thanks! I know my daughter would love this.

Ma Torg said...

Sorry, Michelle!

rengal said...

This is also a neat idea for the feast; if you have little ones who want to participate, but candles and fire are too much for them yet:
An easy to make Santa Lucia head wreath from fabric :)

Michelle M. said...

Thanks for fixing the link! :)