Monday, February 5, 2007

Journey into Lent continued

Sunday of the Last Judgment (Meatfare Sunday):

Readings: Matthew 25:31-46--The separation of the sheep from the goats

The previous two Sundays, the theme of repentance was tempered with compassion. Our Lord is merciful and ready to recieve any repentant sinner. However, this Sunday we are reminded that God is our Judge as well and he does not forgive those who do not repent.

This Sunday reminds us that as we prepare for Lent and Pascha, we are also preparing for the second coming of Christ. We do not know the hour of his coming and must always be ready.

But how do we prepare? Love. God is a God of love and in our great journey to be more Christlike, the Way is through love. Love for each and every person we encounter. Learning to see Christ, to see the image of God, in everyone we encounter. Let us love one another unto eternity.

For the Family: This Sunday is Meatfare Sunday. The last day to eat meat as we prepare for the Great Fast. So have a potluck! Invite your friends and family over. Make your children's favorite meat-filled foods (spaghetti, pepperoni pizza, etc.). Fellowshiping with friends and family is a great way to remember how beautiful it is to love one another.

For the Little Ones: Craft time! As a fun afternoon craft, make little sheep. Draw a sheep onto paper and let the kids glue on cottonballs to make the fuzzy woolskin. Or, moms, if you're feeling especially ambitious, have your kids help you decorate Lamb Cupcakes to serve at the potluck.

Also, being that this falls shortly before Valentine's Day this calendar year, have the kids make a few Valentines for their friends. A simple way for little children to show love to others.

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